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Announcement by Neue Wege Miteinander / Music Youth exchange Frido
Before making plans for the New Year usually it is time to reflect the highlights of work in the past time. The meeting place „Frido “has been established quite well and with increasing echo as a cozy and attractive place for events, family feasts, pupils meetings and last not least as a pilgrim’s hostel.

We are able to look back to many interesting, informative and social evenings in the „Frido“. For instance, there were book readings, talk rounds on recent issues and musical entertainment within our monthly schedule (every last Friday in month). Furthermore, doors of the „Frido “were open for all guests of regional and local events (firearms open door event, Christmas market and others). Another piece of association work is the yearly participation in the Intercultural week in the Saalekreis region. The „Frido “itself and the Löpitz Manor area have been a great frame for the opening event of this intercultural week. It is of special interest that the Israeli-German youth exchange is in the focus of the association. There had been cooperation talks with the head of the gymnasium in Akko (partner school) during a meeting in Löpitz. A further trip of association members to Akko was of benefit for the discussion of a closer collaboration of both institutions and the social center of Akko in the future.

At the end some numbers regarding the utilization of „Frido“: In total, there were 106 pilgrims staying at the Frido for at least one night (64 adult persons, 42 children and adolescents). 122 children and young people made school events with their teachers and coaches in the „Frido“(hiking days, school year end parties, reading nights and so on). The local branch of the CDU party selected the “Frido “for their annual summer feast. 26 families had the chance to stay in the Frido for private parties. Events organized by the association were attended by 200 guests.

We trust the „Frido “will stay a point of attraction for younger, older, citizens, guests, pilgrims also in 2013 with more events currently planned.

We want to say Thank you to everyone who supported our work in the past time and who will do in the future!



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