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Rasoul Pourmoradi was born in 1979 in Eslamabad-e-Gharb in the province of Kermanschah in Western Iran, about 100 km far from the Iraqui Border and quite 500 km distant from Teheran. As a member of a great family, he grew up there together with his three sisters and his five brothers.

He was enthusiastic for doing sports quite early and got training in martial art sports Muay Thai and kickboxing (member of Iranian national team from 1998 to 2006). At this time, Rasoul Pourmoradi starts doing his first film and photography works and reflects critically on suppression of children and women’s rights and the feelings of children during the Iran-Iraqui war. After the finish of his active sports career he focus exclusively on photo and filming and is working on a documentation of women’s and children rights in Iran.

Beginning in 2005, Rasoul Pourmoradi is doing studies at University of Arts in Teheran (photo and film arts). The experiences of war between Irak and Iran have direct influence on the family: one of his brothers came back from war heavily wounded, another one of his brothers was injured by an Iraqui bomb when being just 13 years old – today, and he is working as a journalist in Iran. Pourmoradi says: „After these personal experiences I just was obliged to make photos and films about these issues“.

2014 he produced his first film under the title „Flight of the Birds“. The film was made in a small village which mourned 286 victims due to Iraqui chemical weapons. Even in the second generation people are still suffering from the late effects of these mass killing weapons. In his second film „Bitter Tears” – made in 2015 - Rasoul Pourmoradi reflects critically on the female circumcision. During the course of his artistic career Rasoul Pourmoradi had been working as director, producer, editor, and writer. He reported that as a consequence of this work he was prosecuted in Iran and therefore he flew from the country in 2015.

Since November 2015 he is living in Merseburg (Saxony-Anhalt) and is working on a voluntary basis in the association „Neue Wege – Miteinander e.V. “in Schkopau since February 2016.

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