Experiencing Integration together

Post by Andreas Dorn / Intercultural Youth exchange Integration
Students from Saalekreis region meet students from Berlin – since January of this year, the association „Neue Wege Miteinander“,is conducting this project with the title „Integration gemeinsam erleben“ (Experiencing integration together).

This project is dedicated to give children and young people from our region the opportunity to meet other children with emigrational background, to promote intercultural understanding and to slough off old prejudices. Students from the secondary schools in Zöschen and Schkopau are participating – they meet students from a secondary school in Berlin Kreuzberg whose parents came from abroad to Germany years ago.

The first face-to-face meeting of the 30 curious young people in June (Schloss Löpitz) focused on gathering together and getting more acquainted with the other participants. After an introductory game – prepared by students of the Merseburg College – all had the chance to know each other better via chatting, joint lunch, playing football and improvised theater plays. All activities were filmed and the result is currently broadcasted in the Open Channel “Offener Kanal” Merseburg. The second face-to-face meeting – now already as friends – was held in Berlin Kreuzberg in September this year. At this occasion, the pupils produced with support of College Merseburg students a radio broadcast for the multicult.fm station in Berlin. In this production (to be broadcasted in October in Berlin, Hildesheim and Halle) they report about the project and discuss the recent situation of new refugees arriving in Europe and Germany. With a joint shopping experience in Berlin the day found an easy-going end.

This project is planned for three years, sufficient funding provided. At the end of this exchange activity the all participants should have developed not only tolerance but respect and recognition for the “others”. The activity is funded with generous support of the regional Saalesparkasse bank.



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