Breaking it down

Review by Neue Wege Miteinander / Hip Hop Performance Music Atelier Vielfalt Dance

Over decades, hip hop culture has evolved in its global dimension as an incredibly capable art form with aesthetic and educational impact with power to mobilize special forms of knowledge, to think about and to reflect on political questions of our society and to challenge usual assumptions about our world.

As a cooperation with our association the two well-known artists Moze Beatboxer / YAEP from Kampala, Uganda and Ben Hoffmann / More than subculture from Leipzig, Germany realized this unique 11-days Hip Hop Empowerment Workshop "Breaking it down", supported by project manager Melanie Fritzenwanker in our newly created diversity workroom in Merseburg, Sixtistraße.

Focus of this workshop was the encounter of different identities and life realities. Through artistic processes like rap / beatboxing / poetry slam / theatre and dance the participants had the chance to exchange their views and ideas and to discuss (own) preconceived opinions and to express their results in an artistic way. Furthermore, all participants were working on a performance which was finally presented at the FH Campus in Merseburg and recorded on a CD-ROM which every participant could take home after all.


Freelancer hip hop artist, social worker, beatboxer and dancer from Kampala, Uganda. Active in the hip hop world over more than ten years and an instructor for dance and beatboxing. As a co-founder of the Young Artist Exchange Project he strongly encourages together with other scene artists for cultural diversity and exchange globally and on eye level.

We all are living in a world with more and more frontiers and limits and diversity is feared. Moze Beatboxer, among the best East African dancers and beatboxers shares his inspiring story with us while demonstrating how encouraging and forging dance can be to express and to believe in yourself.


Born 1987 in Leipzig (Germany), the producer, rapper and beatboxer Benjamin Hoffmann discovered quite early his passion for the Hip Hop Culture. Beginning with freestyle in the children´s room and nowadays being the CEO of Our Life Music Label he had new ideas again and again. His first contact with Hip Hop came into the play while writing poems and with beatboxing where sounds and rhythms are generated and transformed with the mouth. Freestyle Rap Sessions and the composing of own lyrics followed very soon. In 2015 he founded the Audiothentikk Studio and became the manager of the Leipzig Music Label „Our Life Music” which transformed in collaboration with Sidney Isensee into More than subculture. This initiative is focused on cultural projects for children and youth education and encourages a colorful, creative and peaceful being together.



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