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On the occasion of the International Day for support of torture victims the exhibition ISOLATION was displayed in June 2016 in Berlin´s Listros Gallery and was open for four weeks in the Franziskus Cloister in Zeitz for the second time and in extended range.

The photographer and movie maker Rasoul Pourmoradi is a refugee with political background from Iran and is living in Germany since November 2015.

Grown-up in Eslamabad-e-Gharb in Kermanschah province he was engaged actively – directly affected by the Iraqi-Iran war and under the restrictions with regards to press and opinion freedom within his country – in the reflection of children and women´s rights. That´s why the short movies „Flight of the Birds“ and „Bitter Tears“ and numerous photographic works were created. In his most recent project „Isolation“ Pourmoradi emphasizes on the consequences of physical and psychical torture. The photographical works – predominantly black and white – focus the view of the audience by their aesthetic and the rich symbolic language which all together allows us to reveal more and more interrelations.

On occasion of the International Support Day for Torture Victims the exhibition ISOLATION was displayed in the Berlin Gallery Listros for the very first time in June 2016 and is now displayed in the Franziskus Cloister in Zeitz for the second time and with extended content.

Neue Wege – Miteinander e.V. is organising and curating this project and supports the artist with his integration in Germany and in his professional career. For that reason, the artists project ISOLATION may be understood as Best Practice for successful integration of refugees in Saxony-Anhalt.

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