About us

The non-profit non-government association Neue Wege Miteinander was founded on September 5th, 1999 in Luppenau which belongs today to the community of Schkopau (Saalekreis region, Saxony-Anhalt).

Our name symbolizes the essence of our diverse program: to go new ways where old ways do not work any longer, to be open minded and ready to walk a different route to discover something new. „Neue Wege Miteinander“is standing for innovative concepts of socio-cultural integration projects.

We want to evolve from being „against each other“ and from being „side by side“ towards a „walking together“ – for the benefit of an enriched society and for the promotion of social fairness, for the exploration of cultural diversity within ourselves and in our vicinity. Our objective is to capture things seeming to be very distant – for a better mutual understanding of things apparently different.

Since its establishment the association „Neue Wege Miteinander e.V. “has been emerged as a firm and interesting partner for diverse projects in the social and cultural area not only in our community and in our regional but as well on a national and international level. With our work we are focusing on the empowerment of young people, socially deprived and immigrants. We are very pleased about the excellent collaboration with responsible contact persons within the administration and public institutions of communities, regions and on a federal level.

Our association is firmly involved within the regional network of other non-profit organizations. The ongoing support by politicians, from business or through private donations are important means for the implementation of our projects. „Neue Wege – Miteinander“ is a partnered member of Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband. We stay open for all interested people and invite everyone to support our objectives and work by voluntary help or by becoming a member of our association.



Neue Wege – Miteinander e.V.
Straße des Friedens 29, D-06217 Merseburg

Phone 0049 3461 2892507
Mobile 0049 151 70500500

Board of Association

Gudrun Woitke
Robby Woitke
Reinhilde Wrobel


Sparkasse Saalekreis
IBAN DE18 8005 3762 3310 0167 56